Radical Mycology featured on Permaculture Voices

Radical Mycology member Peter McCoy was recently featured on Permaculture Voices, a podcast that highlights voices in the global permaculture community. In this interview, Peter goes deep into the reasons why anyone with the means and spare time should be actively cultivating fungi and how the world of mycology is currently evolving to match the needs of an increasingly complex world. You can hear the interview by clicking the image below and consider donating to Permaculture Voices to support their great work.


Mushroom Cultivation & Application Course – Oakland, CA – Nov 14-16

Nov 2014 Oakland Web

This November, Radical Mycology co-founder Peter McCoy will be holding a 2.5 day intensive on the art, science, and application of mushroom cultivation at the urban resilience teaching center PLACE for Sustainable Living in Oakland, CA.

This cultivation course covers the essentials of high yield mushroom production for all budgets, with an emphasis on techniques and tools that keep costs and complexity to a minimum. The approach Peter takes to working with fungi for food, medicine, and soil health not only goes deep into the skills of cultivation but also deep into the concepts and principles that underlie them. By understanding the how and why of cultivation, you can enhance your use of the most effective and inexpensive means to get high yields. This empowers you to think creatively in your cultivation design so that your experiments will be more successful in the home or garden.

PLACE is a public-serving, experiential learning center designed to showcase and foster sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. Nothing short of a perfect match for the message behind the skills presented in this info-packed course.

For more information on topics covered in the course and how to register, click here.

Radical Mycology recently interviewed on WTUL

Peter and Willoughby of the Radical Mycology crew were recently interviewed on WTUL in New Orleans to talk about fungi and the 2014 Radical Mycology Tour. Check out the interview here.


Montreal x Remediation x Radical Mycology


Geoffroy Renaud-Grignon, founder of Champignons Maison and Mycélium Rémedium in Montreal, was recently featured in a great radio-essay by Alexandre Touchette, called Cultiver des Champignons en Ville. In the 15 minute piece, Geoffroy talks about his small business that produces spawn and oyster kits on salvaged coffee grounds as well as his work in mycoremediation of post-industrial sites with the goal of creating green spaces for urban gardening. Geoffroy will serve as translator for the upcoming Radical Mycology workshops to be held in Montreal, on September 18, as a part of the Radical Mycology tour.

Announcing the 2014 Radical Mycology Tour

The Radical Mycology Collective is spreading its spores on a tour across North America!

Tour Banner

This fall, Radical Mycology is going on a North American tour to promote the upcoming book Radical Mycology, the third Radical Mycology Convergence, and to hold presentations and workshops on the skills and theories behind the Radical Mycology movement.

The Radical Mycology tour will share a unique approach to understanding the important role that fungi play in positive personal, societal and ecological transformations. Mushrooms and other fungi can help address many pressing global issues and as awareness of fungi grows, people around the world are seeking accessible knowledge on how to work with these incredible organisms. The 2014 Radical Mycology tour will present numerous mycological skills for people of all backgrounds in a practical and accessible way. This tour will be the next major fruiting body for the Radical Mycology project as we continue to build a stronger network of like-minded mycophiles, activists, and citizen scientists. We hope you can join us!

Radical Mycology Featured in New Documentary

Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology was recently featured in a short documentary on the current rise in mycological culture in the west. As it happens, this film, just like the Radical Mycology Book, was also funded by a crowdfunding campaign. Oh, what a wonderful mycelial internet(work).


For more on the film maker, Madison McClintock, check out her website by clicking here.

Support the Amazon Mycorenewal Project’s Indiegogo

The Amazon Mycorenewal Project launches its Indiegogo fundraiser today! This unique project will develop an low-cost, open-source biofiltration system that uses fungi, plants, bacteria, and biochar to remediate water systems of industrial pollutants like petroleum. AMP is the only example of a large-scale, real-world myco and bio remediation project in the world! This campaign will help develop grassroots bioremedition into a truly viable technology.


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