If you feel that your values align with the Radical Mycology Mission Statement and Goals as well as The Mycelial Network Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, there are three different ways to get involved with the Mycelial Network:

Become a Radical Mycology Contact

The Radical Mycology Mycelial Network is made up of branches (whole groups) as well as many hyphal tips (individuals). Many individuals align with the work of Radical Mycology yet may have limited access to others in the Network due to their location, time constraints, or because they do not know other people that are interested in (Radical) Mycology. In these instances, you can still join The Mycelial Network by becoming a local Contact.

Start a new Radical Mycology Group

If you feel you have enough local contacts and support to start a Radical Mycology Group, great! Your group can call itself whatever it wants. Some groups add the phases “Radical Mycology” (e.g. Santa Cruz Radical Mycology) or “Mycelial Network” (e.g. Olympia Mycelial Network) to their name. But names aren’t restricted to these options.

Bring your existing group into the Mycelial Network as a Node

If you are already a part of an existing organization that aligns with the links above, we invite you to join The Mycelial Network. Your group doesn’t need to be 100% mycologically focused. Just as the fungi form symbiotic relationships in a variety of forms with a variety of organisms, so to do we wish to expand awareness around which types of organizations support and integrate the work of Radical Mycology into the advocacy and outreach work they already provide.

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the Radical Mycology Mycelial Network, please contact us at mycelialnetwork [at] radicalmycology [dot ] com for more information and next steps. All contacts and groups will be asked to provide publicly available contact information.

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