Apart from agreeing to the Mission Statement and Guiding Principles found here, Mycelial Network Groups and Contacts are asked to provide feedback and updates on their work and group status every 6 months via online feedback forms. These updates will enable the Radical Mycology Collective to stay up to date on Network activity and to ensure proper contact and availability information for all branches and nodes in the Network. This feedback system will help the Radical Mycology Collective develop better infrastructure to support the entire Network. This feedback, as well as the collaborative opportunities to develop out of other online communication systems, will lead to the development of more refined resources for The Mycelial Network and the people it reaches. Specific areas we foresee developing into valuable resources include:

  • Developing and administrating a free online forum devoted to open-source mycology, mushroom cultivation, and mycoremediation.
  • Designing and distributing “Starter Kits” for Radical Mycology groups.
  • Developing refined mycoremedaition protocols and collaborative experiments.
  • Creating fundraising infrastructure to support grassroots bioremediation efforts.

Radical Mycology Collective Support

As the supporting body in the development of the Mycelial Network, the Radical Mycology Collective offers the following during the initial stages of the Network’s growth:

  • Listing on the Radical Mycology website Network Map.
  • The ability for Network members to provide feedback on the design and potential of the Mycelial Network.
  • Infrastructural support for the Mycelial Network and Hyphal Branches.
  • Encouraging wide ranging collaboration among members in the Mycelial Network.

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