About The Mycelial Network

The Radical Mycology Mycelial Network is an international, all-volunteer, grassroots network of groups and individuals that shares mycological information relating to environmental and social issues.


Members of The Mycelial Network support their local communities by increasing access to mycological information for people of all backgrounds through the open dissemination of relevant information and/or materials. All organizations and members of The Mycelial Network provide this information in a manner that is egalitarian, all-inclusive, and does not discriminate on the basis on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, mental health status, race, culture, sexual orientation, general appearance, income level, living situation, or experience in social or mycological work. Along these lines, the primary goals of the Network are:

  • To de-stigmatize and demystify mycology for the general public through hosting accessible educational events and distributing free media.
  • To enhance local living systems through the use of appropriate technology and well-designed mycological installations.
  • To use mycological information to support the independence and security of local communities. To help build and support coalitions among local non-profits, volunteer groups, and other organizations through a common bridge of mycological skills and insights.
  • To emphasize the use of local, non-polluting, and non-exploitative materials and practices wherever possible in mycological endeavors.
  • To discourage the exploitation of fungi, fungal remediation, and bioremediation by government and corporate interests.
  • To honor the wisdom offered by our ancestors and descendents—human, fungal, and otherwise.

Network Organization

Radical Mycology Groups are organized in a manner that reflects the decentralized growth, collaboration, and resilience of mycelial networks. Groups are like hyphal branches of a larger network: they make relatively autonomous decisions around how to work in their local environment while still being connected to and supported by the larger Radical Mycology movement. Radical Mycology Groups work autonomously in their local region but are also networked together and supported in part through an online format. How often Radical Mycology Groups meet is an internal decision made by the group’s own members. The Radical Mycology Collective is a small group that works to support The Mycelial Network. Branches help the Radical Mycology Collective develop a Radical Mycology movement by providing suggestions on how to best evolve The Network.

As the Radical Mycology Mycelial Network continues to expand, Hyphal Branches (aka working groups) will be established to help identify and disseminate tasks amongst Network members that help support the Radical Mycology movement. These Hyphal Branches are open to Network contacts and chapters that wish to plug in deeper and help get work done.

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