How To Help

Our mission is to raise awareness around the importance of mushrooms and other fungi for increasing the health of humans and the environment.

We achieve this mission through the production of new mycology-focused media – we are strong hyphae at the leading edge of the mycocultural revolution. We make videos, hold interviews, write original literature, organize internationally-attended events, spread spores, and offer a range of visual learning tools and platforms. Our programs and projects strive to meet various needs, as well as to create stronger connections and community among current and future generations of (radical) mycologists. We strive toward a myco-literate culture that is holistic and sustainable and we emphasize appropriate technologies, open community engagement, and environmental advocacy in all we do – traits that distinguish our work and help characterize the advocates, practitioners, and researchers we serve and ally with.

From our main office in Portland, Oregon we coordinate our various events, craft new media, hold special research and advocacy projects, and maintain our large collection of materials and educational supplies.

Our ongoing and upcoming projects depend on support to continue building on the momentum we have built over the years. If you feel our work is of service to you and your community, please consider donating through Paypal.


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