Aug. 2015 – Recomposing Life: Building Allyship with Fungi in Community Resistance & Resilience

This fall, the Radical Mycology Collective is honored to offer a unique, 3-day course in Portland, OR on their reasons, dreams, and means for allying with fungi in the search for new ways of supporting and defending the regenerative cycles of the earth. This course is not just an introduction to growing mushrooms, it is a suggestive view into redefining ecological relationships and our role as humans in the lands that we inhabit. As an intensive course, Recomposing Life will cover a great depth of information presented on working with fungi for personal, societal, and ecological health. As an intentional event, it also seeks to bring together participants who feel called to serve as a voice for the fungi, the most overlooked and misrepresented beings in the web of life.

Recomposing Life is an offering from the course leaders to share their collected knowledge to a small group of people who desire a deeper relationship with the fungi. It is a chance to openly explore the topics covered and not be afraid to take them into unexplored or taboo territory. This course may be challenging for some as the teachers will encourage all those involved to push the boundaries on what is possible when thinking about fungi. The extent of human-fungal relations have only begun to be breached. When one comes to understand the fungi and what they represent, one learns to see their influence and lessons reflected everywhere, finding that they hold few boundaries in their potential to guide our personal and cultural evolution.

Course topics include:

  • Guiding principles for allying with fungi
  • Fungal biology and ecology
  • Forays in Tryon state park
  • Mushroom and lichen ID for habitat protection and cultivation
  • Low cost mushroom and mycorrhizae cultivation for food, medicine, and remediation
  • Integrating fungi into landscapes
  • The chemistry and treatment of common industrial pollutants
  • Low cost soil and water testing practices
  • Medicinal mushroom processing and intuiting
  • Mycomimicry in social organizing and self care
  • The somatic experience of fungi
  • Mushrooms as sexual beings
  • Anti-oppression work in mycology
  • Evening discussions on dark ecologies and the philosophy of fungi
  • On-site Installations
The setting for Recomposing Life will be August 7-9, 2015 at Tryon Life Community (TLC) Farm in Portland, OR. TLC is a small farm and community that seeks to provide space for events and organizations that support the advancement of community-based sustainability and social change and the tending of resilient ecosystems. There will be limited camping available at TLC for some participants. Course leaders will attempt to find lodging for the other participants if other options are not available to them.
The cost of this course is donation-based. We suggest $300 for the entire course to cover course workbooks and other logistical costs*.  However, to best support the growth of a community of radical mycologists we offer this course under the banner of NOTAFLOF (No One’s Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) while still asking that you GAYAABAGS (Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something). This course is a fundraiser for Radical Mycology. Any money left over at the end of the course will be used to support Radical Mycology directly as a volunteer-run project.
*Please note that lunch and dinner will be provided to attendees during each day of the course; attendees are responsible to supply their own breakfast. Also, when considering your donation, we ask you to remember that food and accommodations costs Radical Mycology about $50/day per participant.
As this event can only accommodate a small number of people, we are asking all those that feel called to this course to fill out an application form. From these applications we will choose a range of participants who will represent as demographically and geographically diverse of a group as possible. One’s ability to cover the suggested donation is not a determining factor in our decision making process. We welcome people of all backgrounds and experience levels to apply.

Register for Recomposing Life by clicking here.

Space is limited and the application deadline is June 12;
we will be accepting late registration based on space availability.

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