Radical Mycology Mixtape Project

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Share your music or audio performance on
the Radical Mycology Mixtape

On the Saturday night of every Radical Mycology Convergence, mycophiles from around the world take the stage/fireside/barn floor to represent their personal connection to fungi during the event’s Talent Showcase.

Though always good, the lineup at the 2016 RMC was particularly potent (think multiple fungal freestyles, folk punk ballads, and ecoactivism spoken word pieces). After several hours of being floored by the performances, it was clear that this range of creative expression was too unique to let slip by.

One of the performers suggested making a mixtape of artists in the extended Radical Mycology community—an idea to which we said “YES!” Now, after fermenting the concept all winter, we are excited to put out a call for demo submissions for the first Radical Mycology Mixtape and make this vision a reality.

Spread Spores

To submit a demo, please send the following to mixtape [at] radicalmycology [dot] com:

  1. A Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, or Vimeo link of 1–2 songs / audio performances. All genres are accepted. The demo does not need to be a final version or fully mixed, but it should relate to (radical) mycology in content or spirit.
  2. An artist or band bio/one sheet.
  3. Anything you want to say about the piece and you/your band.

Though we will be mastering the album, final versions of accepted tracks will need to be sent mixed and ready for mastering. Please ensure that if your demo is accepted, you will have the means to record and mix your song properly (meaning, pretty good // as good as you can manage).


  • May 3 – Demo submission window opens.
  • August 1 – Demo submission window closes.
  • August 15 – Accepted artists notified.
  • October 1 – Final, mixed versions of accepted songs due.
  • December 15 – Final album released.

Fine Print

All songs that make the final album will be copyright of the artists, who will be free to use their songs elsewhere. The final digital album will be offered by donation (choose your price, starting at $0) and a limited 100-copy cassette tape will be sold as well. All money earned will be used to cover the costs of mastering and production. Any excess funds will go toward the Radical Mycology donation pool, which helps support this website and Rad Myco events like the RMC. Questions? Shoot us an email at mixtape [at] radicalmycology [dot] com.

Thanks to Mycelium MC for the original idea!

Image by Peter McCoy.