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Peter McCoy speaks on behalf of the fungi, the most overlooked and misrepresented organisms in the web of life. An interdisciplinary, systems-oriented mycology educator with 17 years of accumulated study and experience, Peter is an original founder of Radical Mycology and MYCOLOGOS, the world’s first mycology school, and the mycology advisor to Open Source Ecology and Permaculture Magazine North America. Apart from his work with fungi, he is also a community organizer, artist, musician, lecturer, and teacher.

In 2016, Peter released Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working With Fungi, a 650-page book on accessible mycology, mushroom cultivation, mycoremediation, and more. The book has since been hailed as one of the most accessible texts on the science and art of mycology, offering unique, thorough, and cutting-edge insights and applications in the rapidly evolving field.

Peter’s work has been featured in various news and media outlets around the world such as Yes!, Salon,, Grist, Vice’s Motherboard, and The Survival Podcast. And his unique approach to teaching accessible mycology has brought him to present at The Permaculture Voices Conference, The Village Building Convergence, The Telluride Mushroom Festival, The Breitenbush Herbal Conference, The National Brownfield’s Conference, and The North American Mycological Association, as well as for countless community groups around the world.

From his mushroom homestead in Portland, Oregon, Peter’s daily practice centers on cultivating, researching, and foraging for new intersections between healthy human and fungal relations. Peter is available for consultation on mushroom cultivation and remediation design, site surveys, lectures, informal talks, and teaching assignments. He can be contacted via spores [at] radicalmycology [dot] com.

Upcoming courses with Peter can be found at the associated links.

Written Interviews

Yes! Magazine – March 2019
The New Food Economy – March 2019
New Mexican
– September 2018
– August 2017
– December 2016
New Food Economy
– July 2016
GOOD Magazine
– February 2016
– October 2015
– March 2015
– December 2014
Vice’s Motherboard
– January 2014
Reality Sandwich – January 2014

Audio Interviews


The Good Life Revival – October 2018
The Regenerative Agriculture Podcast
– October 2018
Last Born In The Wilderness – January 2018
Lumpen Radio
– September 2016
Unlearn & Rewild
– August 2016
Unlearn & Rewild – July 2016
Permaculture Voices – July 2016
The Practical Herbalist
– June 2016
Sustainable World Radio
– May 2016
The Survival Podcast
– April 2016
Root Simple
– March 2016
Permaculture Tonight
– July 2015
The Ruminant Podcast
– April 2015
Adventures Through The Mind
– February 2015
Unlearn and Rewild
– December 2014
Permaculture Voices
– October 2014
Food Freedom Radio – October 2014
WTUL New Orleans – August 2014
Survival Podcast – April 2014
Visionary Activist Show on KUPL – February 2014
Permaculture Podcast -December 2013
Entheoradio Podcast – December 2013
Punk Rock Permaculture Podcast – December 2013

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