Mushroom Cultivation & Application Course – Victoria, BC – January 23-25, 2015

Vic 2015

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This January, DIY Fungi in Victoria, BC will be hosting Radical Mycology co-founder Peter McCoy for  a 2.5 day intensive on the art, science, and application of mushroom cultivation.

This cultivation course covers the essentials of high yield mushroom production for all budgets, with an emphasis on techniques and tools that keep costs and complexity to a minimum. Starting with the fundamentals of cultivation, you will learn the powerful life skill of growing mushroom mycelium (spawn production) and fruiting mushrooms in any environment.

The approach Peter takes to working with fungi for food, medicine, and soil health not only goes deep into the skills of cultivation but also deep into the concepts and principles that underlie them. By understanding the how and why of cultivation, you can enhance your use of the most effective and inexpensive means to get high yields. This empowers you to think creatively in your cultivation design so that your experiments will be more successful in the home or garden.

Whether you are looking to start a small mushroom farm or grow your own edible and medicinal mushrooms for personal use, this course will cover the core skills needed to hit the ground running.

This course covers many topics, including:

Mushroom Cultivation Essentials
Insights into the fungal kingdom and the art & science of cultivation
Budgeting, planning & preparation to make things easy
Tool making and improvisation to keep things cheap
Aseptic (“sterile’) practice with agar, grains, compost, and wood-based substrates

The many uses of liquid mushroom culture
Collecting and growing wild mushrooms
Alternative, low-cost, and low-tech cultivation techniques and tools
Cultivation lab and fruiting environments design for home, farm, or community scale projects

Mushroom Cultivation Applications
Medicinal mushroom processing for maximum potency
Outdoor mushroom garden design and installation
Fungal integration into various permaculture-inspired sustainable living systems
Mycoremediation design concepts and strategies
Fungal & plant relationships

Other skills
Building soil health with Mycorrhizal fungi cultivation
Biochar production
Wild mushroom identification
& much more!

Sunday ends with hands-on installations on-site


Species we will work with include:

The instruction model Peter uses caters to all learning modes by offering a blend of visual presentation, live demonstration, and hands-on practice.




$200 before January 1
$225 after January 1

(Includes mushroom cultures, a beginner supply kit, and a 100-page workbook of the techniques covered)

Group discounts are available. The worktrade space for the course is currently full.


For more information about Peter, you can read his bio here.


Feedback from past participants:

“I would recommend Peter’s course to anyone interested in gaining practical knowledge in the fascinating world of mushrooming and the practical way of growing your own food and medicine!” – John S. –  Shelton, WA

“He’s a fantastic, intelligent, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable mycologist and embodies the philosophy of food and health security through low-tech, do-it-yourself cultivation methods. I can’t recommend Radical Mycology and Peter’s work highly enough.” – Susan C. – Victoria, BC

“Even the experts are likely to find some real gems in his techniques, philosophy, and teaching style. Peter is one of the most authentically passionate people I have met, and it was an absolute pleasure to learn from him.” – Josh W. – Victoria, BC

“Peter’s course is filled with knowledge, understanding, and respect for mycology. He presented the information in an approachable, hands-on format that inspires one to go home and spread the mycelium.” – Michael W. – Portland, OR

“If you want to delve past cardboard and plug spawn into sterile culture, cloning, spores, etc, I would highly recommend Peter’s course” – Galen H. – Portland, OR

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