Stropharia ruggosoannulata

File:2011-05-19 Stropharia rugosoannulata Farl. ex Murrill 183478.jpg

Common Name:
King Stropharia | Garden Giant | Burgandy/Wine Cap |Godzilla Mushroom

Where found:
Mid-Atlantic states, Europe, New Zealand, Japan. Hardwood forests and debris. Late spring to early fall.

Type of Rot:

Fruiting substrates/methods:
Easily transplanted. 1′ deep mixed woodchip pile.

Preferred Wood Types:
Thrives in complex environments, great for wood debris | Also great for wood less soils supplemented with straw | Fly larvae in mature caps good for fish | Great waterfilters removng farm effluents | Adaptive to many disturbed environments and compost heaps |

Known Remediation/Restoration potential:
Potentially one of the best for restoration due to its tolerance of complex habitats, love of disturbance, adaptive appetite, friendliness in the garden, and ease of growth.

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