Agaricus subrufescens

File:Agaricus subrufescens.jpg


Common Names:
Himematsutake | King Agaricus | Almond Portobello

Former latin names:
Agaricus blazei | A. brasiliensis

Natural Habitat:
Wood rich soil, well-composted soil, forest edges, well-manured grasslands.

Type of Rot:
Mottled white rot

Fruiting substrates/methods:
Pasteurized, well composted, Nintrogen-rich substrates | Week-old leached cow manure (pasteurized and conditioned) | Process similar to button mushrooms | Cased enriched sawdust in trays

Mycopermacultural uses:
Mix with leached cow manure and use as mulch. Good companion for kale, zucchini, squash, potatoes, melons, leafy greens. Better for warmer climates.

Known Remediation/Restoration potential:
Good for recycling manure wastes. Absorbs cadmium, copper, lead, and mercury

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