Ep. 1: Nance Klehm – The Ground Rules

Nance Klehm is a process-oriented ecologist with proven experience in restructuring existing situations into more functional systems with a strong social dynamic. Nance and her work has been reported on in over 50 national and international media outlets including radio, print and 13 books. She has formally exhibited her work nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. She was named a 2012 Utne Visionary and has been a two time finalist for the Curry-Stone Prize. She is currently at work on a book on: Soil.

In this episode we discuss Nance’s history of working with soil, waste, social, and biological systems around the world. Her current project is The Ground Rules, a community action and research project in Chicago, proposes a timely and highly visible model to re-imagine the waste streams and biological infrastructures of a city. Process-focused and committed to observation, learning, and productivity, The Ground Rules is a living experiment in rediscovering the wealth we already possess as communities – and in coaxing its re-emergence into new being.

Please visit and support The Ground Rules Indiegogo fundraiser to learn more.
Social Ecologies

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