Willoughby’s Bio


Willoughby Arevalo is a mycologist, artist, musician, kitchen wizard, educator and lifelong student. He grew up in Humboldt County, California, studying mushrooms since he was a young child. He began collecting for the table at age thirteen, and has since eaten over 140 species of mushrooms. In addition to a life of self-study, he studied mycology with Terry Henkel at Humboldt State University. Willoughby worked for over two years as lab tech at Mycality Mushrooms, a medium-scale, commercial mushroom farm, and he grows mushrooms at home and in the garden using low-tech methods. He has had the honors of presenting at the 2012 Radical Mycology Convergence in Port Townsend, WA; the Mushroom Maestros Mycopermaculture Campout in Lake County, CA; the Amazon Mycorenewal Project’s Art and Science of Mycorenewal course in Ben Lomond, CA; the 2013 Telluride Mushroom Festival in Telluride, CO; the 2013 Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival in BC; the Urban Zucchini Mushroom Foraging Tour in Lynn Valley, BC; on his self produced Cascadia Mycotour 2012; and he has been teaching workshops, leading forays, and performing from Lasqueti Island, BC, to Oakland, CA. Willoughby’s greatest mycological gifts come from his sensually observational awareness.

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