Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Radical Mycology is an organization and grassroots movement that teaches how mushrooms and other fungi can enhance personal, societal, and ecological health. Whereas traditional mycological organizations tend to focus on fungal taxonomy, toxicology, and identification, Radical Mycology works to strengthen human-fungal relations by teaching practical mycological skills that have personal and non-personal applications. We work to reunite humans with fungi and to help all remember the importance that fungi have always played in the human story, from prehistory to the present.

As a philosophy, Radical Mycology suggests that the highly resilient life cycles of fungi and their interactions in nature serve as powerful learning tools for how humans can best relate to each other and help steward the environment. We believe that many unique lessons about natural patterns and principles can be gleaned from observing and interacting with fungi and we work to communicate those insights in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit sponsored organization, our work is unconventional and various, with efforts ranging from event and workshop organizing to the production of traditional and new media (e.g. radio, film, blog, literature, and other tools). These efforts teach many ways humans can engage with fungi, from cultivating fungi for food sovereignty or medicine creation, to allying with fungi for ecological rehabilitation and regeneration efforts. Along the way, we’ve also built a network among those who align with the values and ideas we present, and have created a community of like-minded individuals that have traditionally been widely dispersed.

Our goal over the coming years is to continue building a thriving mycological community around the world and through that network to engage fungi in the design of ever-healthier ecologies, economies, and watersheds. We believe our movement can succeed with strong communication, sustainable practices, and, most importantly, widespread collaboration.

Radical Mycology is a collaboratory organization spearheaded by founder Peter McCoy and expressed through collaboration with a diverse network of allies, project co-coordinators, and technical advisers across various scientific and social fields. Collaborative and partner organizations currently include:



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