Mission & Goals

Radical Mycology is a grassroots organization dedicated to sharing accessible information on the easiest and most effective means for working with mushrooms and other fungi to increase personal, societal, and ecological resilience.

The goals of Radical Mycology are:

  1. To build an ecologically conscious, solutions-oriented, and non-discriminatory grassroots mycological movement that works to create significant and positive change in the world through the appropriate application of various mycological skills and frameworks.
  2. To restore vitality and increase fungal genetic diversity in disturbed habitats around the world through the dissemination of place-based mycological skills and the propagation of native fungal species.

Our current efforts to accomplish these goals center on the development of this website into a information database and networking hub, as well as in the organization of Radical Mycology Convergences and other events that teach the skills and concepts presented on this website in-person. Through these efforts, the Radical Mycology Collective helps facilitate a decentralized Mycelial Network of individuals and Radical Mycology groups to further spread this message and knowledge. Our work seeks to make the world a better place and is based on a social and economic analysis that seeks better alternatives to any unsustainable practices that affect the future welfare of the Earth and its inhabitants. We hope to add to the discussion on how to move away from any practices that are counter-productive to supporting life and to make tangible, positive changes toward a healthier and more resilient world.

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