3 Day Left for MYCOLOGOS Kickstarter

After a successful four weeks, the Kickstarter campaign for MYCOLOGOS will be ending this Wednesday, December 20 at 7 am PST.

With just a few days left, there is still time to get in on the great discounts being offered on the school’s courses (most starting at 50% off through the campaign).


There are a lot of other special rewards that will only be available at their current rates through the Kickstarter – including a 6-month mushroom supplies subscription box, original art, and more.

All the support the campaign brings in will go on to not only fund the production of these courses, but also the founding of an on-the-ground school and demonstration farm in Portland, as well as an online forum for school participants and collaborators. And if the campaign hits its next stretch goal of $130,000, it will be able to get Spanish subtitling for all the courses, with the funds for translation going to support the Amazon Mycorenewal Project.

Please consider donating today to this special and unprecedented effort to bring mycology to people around the world.

Join the campaign here.


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