Radical Mycology is Coming to Switzerland


Later this month, Peter McCoy will be coming to Geneva, Switzerland to hold several workshops on the Radical Mycology movement, mushroom cultivation, and mycoremediation. The workshops will be hosted by Utopiana, an artist residency and collaboratory exploring the intersections of art and ecology.

Garden Fungi

February 11th // 14h–17h
Utopiana (Chemin Mestrezat, 1202 Genève)
(FB event here)

This workshop will teach how to install an edible mushroom garden in your home or apartment. We will look at how to integrate mushrooms in a beneficial manner in any context: in a garden, an agricultural setting, in medicine, etc. During the workshop you will learn how to prepare stumps and logs to inject them with Reishi, Oyster, and Pioppino mushrooms, as well as how to install muchroom garden beds. We will explain the functions of mushrooms in the environment and their use in the food systems, waste management, etc., and discuss the fundamental ideas behind mushroom cultivation and growth.


Intro to Mycoremediation

February 18th // 14h–17h
Le Commun (Rue des Bains 28, 1205)
(FB event here)

This workshop will teach how mushrooms can decontaminate various substances polluted by toxic hydrocarbons, such as that by cars and other machines. During the workshop you will discover how to cultivate mushrooms on used cigarette filters. We will demonstrate how we can reduce the damage caused by cigarette filters, which are one of the most commonly polluted substances in the world.


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